Program Overview

The UK CNTC offers participants a comprehensive education and research training experience through intensive, team mentored laboratory research projects, multidisciplinary seminars, a selection of short-courses, workshops and hands-on laboratory modules that will allow trainees to tailor their educational program to their research and career goals, and outreach and mentoring activities that will help trainees develop a sense of responsibility to a larger community of scientists and aspiring scientists as well as cancer patients. The laboratory research mentoring teams merge clinical oncologists, basic cancer biologists, and specialists in cancer drug pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics with nanotechnology researchers focused on platform technologies applicable to diagnostics and early detection, in vitro/in vivo imaging, and multifunctional drug delivery systems.

Full-time predoctoral participants in the UK CNTC are typically advanced graduate students (post-qualifying exam) in a Ph.D. program in one of the participating departments although enrollees in the M.D./Ph.D. program in the College of Medicine may also qualify. Predoctoral trainees receive a $30,000/yr stipend plus health insurance for two years. Graduate students will have their tuition covered for required courses. All trainees receive an allotment for lab supplies and travel support to attend a scientific meeting.

Postdoctoral participants (M.D. or Ph.D.) receive stipends of $40,000/yr plus health insurance for two years as well as an allotment for research supplies and travel support to attend a scientific conference. Individuals with a Ph.D., M.D., DVM or Pharmacy Degree are eligible for support as Postdoctoral Fellows. Because the grant for this training center permits a maximum of 25% international participants, only U.S. Nationals or permanent residents are invited to apply for postdoctoral positions at this time.

Applications for both predoctoral and postdoctoral traineeships are currently being accepted. To apply, please refer to the application instructions.