CNTC Trainees and Faculty Members, Fall 2014

Front row: Meenakshi Upreti (faculty), Tonya Vance (coordinator), Anastasia Kruse Hauser (trainee), Peixuan Guo (faculty) Second row: Jenn Fischer (trainee), Robert Yokel (faculty), Rob Wydra (trainee), Jacob Lilly (trainee) Third row: Brad Anderson (director), Tom Dziubla (faculty), Nathanael Stocke (trainee) Back row: Daniel Irwin (trainee), Andrew Lakes (trainee), Amar Jyoti (trainee), Daniel Binzel (trainee), Zach Hilt (faculty)


Presentations by CNTC Trainees

Publications by CNTC Trainees

Jason Absher photo

Jason Absher

Ph.D. candidate in Chemical & Materials Engineering

Advisors: Daniel Pack, Tom Dziubla
Clinical Advisor: David Yurek

Microfluidic production of layer-by-layer ternary polyplexes as high efficiency gene delivery vectors

Trainee since February 2015

Daniel CNTC picture Daniel Binzel

Ph.D. candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Advisor: Peixuan Guo
Clinical Advisor: William St. Clair

Development of RNA Nanoparticles Targeting Prostate Cancer Utilizing the 3WJ of the Phi29 Motor pRNA for Specific Delivery of Therapeutic RNA Modules in vitro and in vivo

Trainee since July 2014


Daniel Irwin

Ph. D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering

Advisors: Guoqiang Yu, Brad Anderson, Jia Luo
Clinical Advisor: Mahesh Kudrimoti

Noncontact Near-infrared 3-D Imaging of Tissue Hemodynamics and Nanoparticle Distributions in Mouse Tumors

Trainee since October 2013


Anastasia Kruse Hauser

Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering

Advisors: Kimberly Anderson, J. Zach Hilt
Clinical Advisor: Ronald McGarry

Targeted Peptide-Conjugated Nanoparticles for the Enhancement of Radiation via Hyperthermia for Lung Cancer Applications

Trainee since September 2013


Jacob Jacob Lilly

Ph.D. candidate in Chemical and Materials Engineering

Advisors: Brad Berron, Edward Hirschowitz

Early Detection and Diagnosis

Trainee since March 2014


 Andrewbiosmcrop Andrew Lakes

Ph.D. candidate in Chemical and Materials Engineering

Advisor: Thomas Dziubla
Clinical Advisor: Ronald McGarry

Radioprotective Antioxidant Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer SBRT

Trainee since August 2013